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 About the Drivers Union?

The Drivers Union is an exclusive club for supercar owners.

We have a very strict list of qualifying cars compared to other supercar clubs so please check our qualifying list to ensure you are eligible for membership

Established in 2012, the club brings together owners from around the UK who benefit from the following:

  • Join over 950+ supercar owners
  • Dealer events & test drives
  • Exclusive access to some of the worlds finest events
  • Local and national meets
  • Your personal Travel Concierge
  • Discounts on products ad services
  • Local area groups based around the UK
  • Over 35 WhatsApp groups
  • Easy to use event sign up system
  • Private Facebook group 
  • and much more

 (Please note that some features require an upgrade to Club Membership)


Our philosophy

As well as being one of the most strict clubs for membership, we are also one of the most friendly. For example, our first and most important rule of the Club is: "If you see anyone wearing a club lanyard/membership card then you have to introduce yourself to them". This ethos has created one of the friendliest car clubs in the UK, if not the world.

Our lanyards/cards are a great ice breaker at meets and has helped form countless lifelong friendships in the club. Our members even wear them to major events like Goodwood and Concours events. With a Drivers Union lanyard/card, you are never alone.


Who runs the Drivers Union?

The Drivers Union was founded by and currently run by Syeed Ali who has for over 16 years been actively involved in organising supercar meets and events and has also been a Ferrari owner for nearly two decades. He founded the Club Scuderia forum and has been organising supercar events since 2005. Members are given Syeed's personal contact details upon membership acceptance and he will be your point of contact for most things club related.

Protecting your data

Your personal data is a valuable which is why we take the protection of your data so seriously. We never give out your data and contact details to anyone and your address is not held on any online platform. We are also registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act and our registration number is ZB003074.

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